"Since finding Amber's portfolio through an Internet search a year ago we've been using her design expertise to create all of our print ad designs for large-circulation national magazines and newspapers. We've found that she has an eye for layout and color that makes our ads really stand out, especially when appearing alongside competitors' ads on crowded magazine pages. Amber's designs communicate our messages clearly and help give us a competitive edge to boost sales."
Paul D., Product Innovator

"We discovered Amber Routten-Mitchell at a time when we were in desperate need of a new designer. We were in the middle of our production cycle with another designer who left us in an extreme bind. Amber jumped on board immediately and did whatever she could do to get us back on track. Amber delivered on deadline as promised and she also put in many additional hours to ensure she'd finish on time and we'd meet our printer deadline. Not only was I very pleased with her work ethics but I was also extremely satisfied with her visually appealing designs she created for our magazine. In my 12 years of publishing I have never seen our magazine or our front covers look as amazing as they do now. Amber single handedly delivered all that she promised and she brought us to a whole new level of quality and professionalism for our magazines. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone who is seeking professional design work combined with strong work ethics."
Patrick K., Publisher

"We have been working with Amber for over 3 years, and we thank our lucky stars for the day we chose her ad samples from the hundreds we received from our (online) job posting for a freelance graphic designer. Amber is professional, courteous, on-time, creative, technically skilled, up-to-date, reliable, flexible, accurate, versatile and the most reasonable in invoicing of all our freelance design staff. You will not find a better freelance design professional than Amber Routten-Michell. Her downside? She has other clients besides us! If Amber has an opening in her schedule, grab it!"
Carol B., Publisher

"My publishing experience involving Amber has been a very positive one, on all levels. In addition to Amber's outstanding graphic design talent, she is consistently professional, flexible, dependable and will go beyond the call of duty to always meet publishing deadlines. Amber takes the initiative to make sound decisions that will enhance the project she is working on. Amber's publishing experience also includes extensive printing knowledge, which is an excellent asset and benefit."
Janice N., Publisher

"Having been involved in media and communications for over 25 years now, Amber is one of the top two or three designers with whom I have worked. She is one of the best in the business, and her graphic talent, professional attitude, and pleasing personality absolutely set her apart."
Paul N., Publisher

"Amber has worked for me on a number of projects and I have always found her to be the consummate professional. She is exceptionally talented, diligent and conscientious, and has always met her deadlines. Her insight and attention to detail have been greatly appreciated and added value to every project she has done for me. I have no hesitation recommending Amber. I am confident you will be pleased with her work, attitude and professionalism."
Stephen M., Publisher